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South Jefferson Christian Church
6500 W. Orell Road  Valley Station, KY 40272 

2 miles south of the Gene Snyder off Dixie Highway
(behind O’Reilly Auto Parts)


Classes on Tuesdays   6-8 PM

 Personal quote from GrandMaster Brewer: 
“It is easy for me to teach you how to hurt someone! I’d rather teach you how to help and heal someone” 


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Quick facts about GrandMaster Brewer… 
* A 48 year martial arts veteran. 

* Current rank-8th Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Recognized affiliations with/Kukkiwon, WTF,ATA,USTU,USA TKD, ITF,IMF and BTA.
* Qualified for the 2000 Olympics, Sydney, Australia, (Free fighting). 
* Instructed self defense programs in JCPS , church groups, bank executives, security companies, summer camps, battered women organizations,Boy/Girl Scouts, and realtors.
* Law enforcement: Retired Jefferson County Sheriff (Commonwealth of Kentucky). Held training contracts for countless federal/state/local law enforcement agents/agencies. 
* President and founder of BTA Bluegrass Tae Kwon Do Association .
* Certified personal trainer *Holistic nutritionist : using Naturopathic medicine methods including chiropractic and pressure points . It is with his years of experience that he helps people with physical and mental challenges, and helps them achieve their goals and lead happy, productive lives. Including removing ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression meds, blood pressure meds and replacing them with natural alternatives and nutrition.
* Tournament Champion : Winning multiple competitions and titles in multi states, including Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and Georgia with the majority of his championships being won in contact sparring(fighting), and board breaking, including his record setting break of(8) 1“ x 12“ boards with a front leg sidekick. 
* Community Impact : As a community leader, he has owned/operated 6 martial arts schools, including multiple YMCA‘s.*Author -“Got Self Defense ?“ Vol.1/Vol.2 video/DVD releases.
*Actor- reality TV, film. 




 Required Tae Kwon Do Forms 


Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Chon-Ji form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Dan-gun form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Do-san form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Won-hyo form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Yul-guk form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Jhoong-gun form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Toi-gye form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Hwa-rang form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Choong moo form
Brewer's Tae Kwon Do- Gwang-gae form

 Tae Kwon Do Terminology 

  • Do Jang- Training Hall

  • Dee- Belt

  • Je Ja- Student

  • Dan- Degree

  • Do Bok- Training Suit

  • Ahn Jo- Sit Down

  • Yi Ro Sut- Stand Up

  • Kyuk Pa- Breaking

  • Cho Ryeut- Attention

  • Kyung Ye- Bow

  • Joon Be- Ready Stance

  • Ba Ro- Relax Ready Stance

  • Dloro Drat- Turn Around

  • Ki Ap- Yell

  • Hae Cho- Dismissed

  • Go Mahn- Stop

  • She Jahk- Start

  • Sa Bum Nim- Chief Instructor

  • Mom Pool- Warm up exercise

  • Ja Yoo Da Ryun- Free Fighting

  • LII Boo Da Ryun- One step sparring

  • E Boo Da Ryun- Two step sparring

  • Sam Boo Da Ryun- Three step sparring

  • Hyung- Form

  • ChI Ghee- Punch

  • Ma Ki- Block

  • Ha Dahm- Low Section

  • Joon Dahm- Middle Section

  • Sa Dahm- High Section

  • Cha Ki- Kick

  • Ahp- Front

  • Yup- Side

  • Do Hohl- Round House

 Counting to Ten 

  • Hana- One

  • Dul- Two

  • Set- Three

  • Net- Four

  • Daseot- Five

 Counting to Twenty 

  • Yeolhana- Eleven

  • Yeoldul- Twelve

  • Yeolset- Thirteen

  • Yeolnet- Fourteen

  • Yeoldaseot- Fifteen 

  • Yeolyeoseot- Sixteen

  • Yeolilgop- Seventeen

  • Yeolyeodeol- Eighteen

  • Yeolahop- Nineteen

  • Seumul- Twenty

  • Yeoseot- Six

  • Ilgop- Seven

  • Yeodeol- Eight

  • Ahop- Nine

  • Yeol- Ten

 30-90 Terminology 

  • Seoreum- 30

  • Maheun- 40

  • Swin- 50

  • Yesun- 60

  • Ilheun- 70

  • Yeodeun- 80

  • Aheun- 90

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