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GBKR, a family band that goes back 6 generations into their musical roots, has performed in all 50 US states, Canada, and Europe extensively since being formed in 1980. Today, GBKR takes the stage performing Bluegrass originals, Country music classics, foot-stomping Old-time Mountain Music, and good ole Gospel hymns; offering a little something for everybody. Gary has stamped their style of music as “Brewgrass”.


During his music career, Gary Brewer has recorded for multiple major record labels including Copper Creek releasing 29 studio albums and a double live album (recorded on one of his European tours). Now, he has launched his own label called SGM Records (Stretch Grass Music). He has released an additional 21 albums on his label. Among the SGM releases is “Kentucky Headlines and Heartbreak” including 3 tracks. “The Death of Floyd Collins” was the soundtrack for “The Floyd Collins Story” movie (released on Peridot Pictures). GBKR’s 2018 release, “Vintage Country Revival” brought great success charting at #1 on the Global Country Radio Charts and was included on the 1st round ballot in the 61st GRAMMY Awards (for Best Americana Album & Best American-Roots performance). 

" This boy right here is 100% Bluegrass! He comes from good stock. " 

         -Bill Monroe (Father of Bluegrass)

Their most recent album on SGM “40th Anniversary Celebration” was released during the start of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic in May 2020. Climbing the Billboard Charts to the #1 spot multiple times and holding in the top 5 for 67 weeks (and counting), making them the top selling Bluegrass/American-roots artists in the United States. This CD Release garnered massive media attention for the group. The album critically praised by countless outlets, Midwest Record Reviews said “40th Anniversary Celebration” is “The Biggest Bluegrass record since ‘Dueling Banjos’!” GBKR was featured on/in the following outlets due to GBKR’s 40th Anniversary and its CD Release: Medium Magazine, Thrive Global, Music Row, NewsBreak, Take Effect, Bluegrass Today, Roots Music Report, The Bluegrass Situation, Vents Magazine, Bluegrass Unlimited, The Bluegrass Standard, and more. “40th Anniversary Celebration” was included in 6 categories on the initial round ballot for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards and up for “Collaborative Recording of the Year” at the 2020 IBMAs. Needless to say, even without having the opportunity to promote their 40th Anniversary CD on the road, GBKR had one of their most successful years yet in 2020. 

The entire Brewer clan has come by their musical talents honestly. They have true respect for their roots that reach back to the 1920s including third generation Brewer, Finley J. “Pap” Brewer Sr., performing with the Original Carter family. Because of such a great love for music being passed down for generations, Gary is a strong traditionalist. He has toured alongside many Bluegrass music legends throughout his career. (Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, J.D. Crowe, Uncle Josh Graves, and many more)


Band information:

Gary Brewer- Lead Guitar/Old-time Banjo/Vocals      

Wayne Brewer - Upright Bass/Fiddle/Vocals

Mason Brewer - Mandolin/Upright Bass/Vocals

Cody Pearman - Banjo

Based in West Point, KY





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Music Samples

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" Gary is a great guitar picker and has a great voice. Him and his dad have the best show on the circuit! "

                           -Jimmy Martin (King of Bluegrass)

Live Videos

GBKR Full Variety Show Performance Highlight Reel

2021 Pickin' in the Pasture Bluegrass Festival Highlights

Music Videos

GBKR feat. Dale Ann Bradley: Daddy and the Old Oak Tree

(Finley J. Brewer tribute video)

GBKR feat. Ashton Shepherd: Love in the Mountains

GBKR feat. Doug Phelps of The KY Headhunters: Big Train

GBKR feat. EmiSunshine: "Vintage Country Revival" Featured Single

Derby City Flash: "Homestretch" Featured Single (Original Song)

Brownlo: "Homestretch" Instrumental (Original Song)

Recent Press




Career Highlights

GBKR's '40th Anniversary Celebration' CD #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart multiple times and in the top 5 for  64 weeks & counting!

Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers headline the 66th WHAS Crusade for Children. View the highlight reel above

Vintage Country Revival 61st Grammy Info copy.jpg

GBKR's "Vintage Country Revival" CD for 61st GRAMMY Awards

Number 1 Slot (APD).png

GBKR's "Vintage Country Revival" CD held the #1 spot on the Country Global Radio Airplay Charts.

Mayor Curtis Hockenbury, on behalf of the City of Shepherdsville, Bullitt County, Ky. Honors GBKR for the success of their recent Vintage Country Revival Cd including being up for a GRAMMY Award in (2) Categories by presenting them with Key(s) to the City.


Gary Brewer's album “Kentucky Headlines and Heartbreak” including 3 tracks. “The Death of Floyd Collins” was the soundtrack for “The Floyd Collins Story” movie (released on Peridot Pictures)

Jimmy Martin Songs for Dinner CD.png
Guitar CD.png

Included in his recordings, Gary did an All-Star tribute to the King of Bluegrass, Jimmy Martin, before he passed. He called it “Jimmy Martin Songs for Dinner”. It featured 12 Bluegrass and Country tracks. The title song on this tribute was written by Tom T. Hall specifically for this album. 'Jimmy Martin Songs for Dinner' was nominated for Song of the Year at the IBMAs, in 2000.

Out of all of Gary’s accomplishments throughout his career, he esteems being the last person to have commercially recorded with the late and great Bill Monroe one of his highest. Gary had Bill Monroe on his “Guitar” CD along with Uncle Josh Graves. He took pride in knowing he was the only one to ever get Bill Monroe and Uncle Josh Graves into the studio together. Because of Gary’s “Guitar” album, he was then nominated for Guitar Player of the Year at the IBMAs.

Rave reviews 40th cd.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 8.09.37 PM.png

Critical praise for GBKR's '40th Anniversary Celebration' CD (click to zoom)


"Gary Brewer has a great group, works hard on his act and is an excellent Bluegrass singer"                 -Porter Wagoner 

"Gary is a Bluegrass legend."            

-Grand Ole Opry Members, Old Crow Medicine Show

"6 Generations of Traditional American Country Music, Gary Brewer can't go wrong."            

                                         -Norman Blake

"The business has changed, but they try to keep it pure. They are in all 50 states, Europe, & everywhere else playing what has made Kentucky grand (Bluegrass and Country music), and it sounds good!"         

                        -Dawne Gee (Wave Country)

"Gary Brewer is a Kentuckian born to the music. He's a "natural" and we are proud to know him. Gary comes from a long line of pickers and singers. What he knows about music he learned firsthand. I would guess Gary knows more songs and tunes than most any of his business."                                                                                     -Tom T. Hall and Dixie

"Brewer’s sound will surely appeal to Bluegrass purists. He obviously has a great respect and love for the musicians that came before him"                                                                    -John Goad (Bluegrass Today)

"The music is good.
The show is better!"                 
-Bill Warren (Bluegrass Today)