"The Voice of Tradition" 

 Vocals, Lead Guitar, and Old-time Banjo 

For nearly 40 years now, Gary Brewer has been a very highly respected and successful singer, songwriter, musician, promoter, and producer. Gary performs and records in several different genres, he has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and the Lincoln Center multiple times, writes and records all original material, ran Louisville's Largest free Bluegrass Festival (Strictly Bluegrass Festival), booked artists in all genres (Some of which include: Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Mary Wilson and the Supremes, Mark Chesnutt, the Isaacs, the McKameys, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Ralph Stanley, etc.), and produces his own projects and TV Shows. He is a full-time performing artist and has toured all 50 states numerous times and 18 countries in Europe. His heritage goes back 6 generations and he tours today with 3 generations including himself, his dad, and his 2 sons.

         Gary has recorded for multiple major record labels including Copper Creek and Rebel Records releasing 29 studio albums and a double live album which was recorded on one of his European tours. Now, he has launched his own label called SGM Records (Stretch Grass Music). He has released an additional 20 albums on his label. Gary Brewer specializes in Bluegrass, Country, Old-time, Americana, and Bluegrass Gospel. A lot of his early recordings charted in Country and Americana as well as Bluegrass. He has recorded several top 10 hits in the Bluegrass Industry. Gary has also had very successful albums that can be considered Folk and Old-time Mountain Music. He received the honor of having the #1 Bluegrass-Gospel album in the Nation. Gary is a BMI songwriter and gives fans his very own original material. Gary has had such notable guests as Bill Monroe, J.D. Crowe, Uncle Josh Graves, Doyle Lawson, Larry Sparks, Dave Evans, and many more. Gary has received praises from multiple Country music artists such as Tom T. Hall, Porter Wagoner, Alan Jackson, Sammy Kershaw, John Anderson, and more. A few quotes include:


"Gary Brewer has a great group, works hard on his act, and is an excellent Bluegrass singer."

 -Porter Wagoner 


"Gary Brewer is a Kentuckian. Born to the music. He's a "natural" and we are proud to know him. Gary comes from a long line of pickers and singers. What he knows about music, he learned firsthand. I would guess Gary knows more songs and tunes than most any of his business."

 -Tom T. Hall and Dixie 


Included in his recordings, Gary did an All-Star tribute to the King of Bluegrass, Jimmy Martin, before he passed. He called it “Jimmy Martin Songs for Dinner”. It featured 12 Bluegrass and Country tracks. The title song on this tribute was written by Tom T. Hall specifically for this album. 'Jimmy Martin Songs for Dinner' was nominated for Song of the Year at the IBMAs, in 2000.


“Gary is a great guitar picker and has a great voice. He and his dad have the best show on the circuit!” 

 -Jimmy Martin (The King of Bluegrass) 


Out of all of Gary’s accomplishments throughout his career, he esteems being the last person to have commercially recorded with the late and great Bill Monroe one of his highest. Gary had Bill Monroe on his “Guitar” CD along with Uncle Josh Graves. He took pride in knowing he was the only one to ever get Bill Monroe and Uncle Josh Graves into the studio together. Because of Gary’s “Guitar” album, he was then nominated for Guitar Player of the Year at the IBMAs.


“This boy right here is 100% Bluegrass! He comes from good stock.”

 -Bill Monroe (The Father of Bluegrass) 


Recently, Gary released his CD "HOMESTRETCH" including the Hit single "Derby City Flash" which was featured on CMT with its dressed down 'on the farm' music video. This Louisville hit is played during the Kentucky Derby, and because of this song, Gary Brewer was presented with his very own personalized Louisville Slugger Bat. Gary is taking to the studio now to record his newest upcoming album "Vintage Country Revival" to be released in early 2018. Guest artists are to be announced at a later date.

         Throughout his career, Gary Brewer has been a promoter for a lot of people and events/venues. Gary became a main staple for promotions in Louisville. Now, he runs the Shepherdsville Music Barn which has been a well-known music venue since the 70s. Gary brings the who's who in music to the Shepherdsville Music Barn for his Friday Night Bluegrass concert series or for special out-of-season shows. His Friday Night Bluegrass concert series runs each Winter from November-April. Gary is still considered the top Bluegrass promoter in the state of Kentucky having 6 months of shows at the Shepherdsville Music Barn, several festivals, and a Summer concert series at the Largest Outlet Mall in Kentucky (The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass) called 'Bluegrass Summer Nights'.

         Being a producer has helped Gary Brewer in his career. He has been able to produce all of his own projects, along with helping other artists. Outside of producing his music, he has had a couple of his very own TV shows. He produced and starred in "This Week in Bluegrass" which included a live audience, guest bands, and performances by his band, Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers. Gary still today produces his own reality show about the life of the Brewers. This show is called "Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers Show". It is recorded throughout the everyday lives of Gary and his family. It shows all they do on their farm, how they do things on tour and everything in between. Gary also has produced numerous instructional DVDs, concert DVDs, and music videos.

         Brewer has appeared in nearly every major Bluegrass Publication, festival, or event; including television shows

and specials over the years. Most recently, he and the guys were featured guests on WHAS 11s 'Great Day Live' promoting upcoming shows and their music. Gary also has met with the General Manager of FOX about creating a new TV show about Gary Brewer himself, and living life in the music since he was 14 years old. Gary Brewer is a frequent subject on the World Famous and is promoted on Bluegrass radio stations such as WFPK-FM and WMAK (AM/FM), WKWC (FM) and “The Bluegrass Mix” (internet). Gary Brewer's radio and television presence is second to none. His Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Mailing List subscribers, and Website traffic climbing daily.


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