Simply fill out the application and secure your payment below

**If vendors selling merchandise do not currently have a valid Shepherdsville business license, one must be purchased to participate. They are just $10.

Shepherdsville One-day Business License Application

Please select your

Business Entity Type:

Will you have employees working in the City of Shepherdsville?

 Please state that you are aware of the following Occupational Licensing Requirements: 

A 1.5% Occupational Tax on Gross Payroll, which I am obligated, as the employer, to withhold and remit to the City of Shepherdsville on a quarterly basis. Even if there are no wages due for the quarter A FORM MUST BE FILED. If I do not have employees, I understand that I must provide a list of the independent contractors I am using as they must be licensed individually. Failure to comply with ordinance 011-078 will result in penalties and fines.

I am obligated to pay $100.00 annually (the City’s year runs from July 1 to June 30) for a business license. (see below for prorated rates) If I do not maintain a current license, I am required to cease conducting business inside Shepherdsville city limits.

If I am serving alcohol I understand I must purchase an additional license separate from the Business License.

 Please authorize Alyssa Brewer to sign your Shin-Dig in the Park Business License application, on your behalf (if not   authorized, your application will not be valid for approval) 

Upon submitting this online application, Alyssa Brewer (vendor coordinator) will be filling out your physical business licnese application. This will also include hand delivering your $10.00 payment. Thank you!

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Alyssa Brewer

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