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Heaven's Jubliee
Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers include Gospel tracks like Farther Along, Dust on the Bible, It's Different Now, It Won't Be Very Long, and more.14 tracks.

Heaven's Jubliee

  • 1. The Rolling Waves Of Jordan

    2. It's Different Now

    3. It Wont Be Very Long

    4. I Just Steal Away And Pray

    5. I'd Rather Be An Old-Time Christian

    6. The Dearest Friend I Ever Had

    7. The Promised Land

    8. Walking In God's Sunshine

    9. Farther Along

    10. Dust On The Bible

    11. I'll Be A Friend To Jesus

    12. Purple Robe

    13. Heaven's Jubilee

    14. Sweet Hour Of Prayer

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