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Live In Europe
Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers went on a tour through 18 countries in Europe, and recorded a full LIVE, DOUBLE CD. With songs like: ROSEWOOD CASKET, SALLY ANN, POOR ELLEN SMITH, PETTICOAT JUNCTION, GOTTA TRAVEL ON, BONNIE BLUE EYES, OLD HOBO SONG etc.24 tracks. 18 songs.

Live In Europe

  • 1. Sally Ann

    2. Band Intros

    3. Johnson City Blues

    4. Stranded Without a Home

    5. Wildwood Flower

    6. Kill the Old Red Rooster

    7. Turkey in the Straw

    8. Petticoat Junction

    9. Poor Ellen Smith

    10. Intro of Finley/Wreck of the Old Ninety-Seven

    11. Closing Comments

    12. What a Friend We Have in Jesus/Interview & Band Intros

    13. Jesus Will Guide Me over the Crossing

    14. Interview With Band Members

    15. Reach Out and Touch the Lord/Interview With Gary & Closing Comments

    16. Swiss Intro

    17. Gotta Travel On

    18. I Can't Run off With You Darling

    19. The Girl from the Mountain

    20. Rosewood Casket

    21. Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy

    22. Bonnie Blue Eyes

    23. Walking in the Parlor

    24. Old Hobo Song

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