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Money to Ride the Train
Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers include original songs such as: "Money to Ride the Train" and "The Rain is Coming Down". Also includes instrumentals and Old Time Country tunes. Bob Mitchell quotes, "This latest release may be their best. It has something for everyone. The Ramblers have a lot of talent to share and this configuration has been together for two years. Their arrangements are tight and tasteful . . . a joy to the ear."12 tracks.

Money to Ride the Train

  • 1. Money to Ride the Train

    2. Sally-O

    3. Last Love Letter

    4. Rain is Coming Down

    5. Jesus Will Guide Me Over the Crossing

    6. Walking in the Parlor

    7. Stay a Little Longer

    8. These Old Prison Bars

    9. Looking Out My Back Door

    10. Once In The Stillness

    11. Yearning

    12. Cindy in the Summertime

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